Here I come

By December 24, 2009 No Comments

all right, here I am… I created this blog site a couple months ago and could not get it started… just did not know where to get it started…my zero waste seems so small and meaningless in the scheme of things that I did not think it was worth elaborating about, I did not think that it could make a difference.
Tonight I watched the movie Home (my mom recommended it), and I think that it is a great starting point. I am inspired to share my experience and open ground for discussion, afterall we all play a part on this (endangered) earth.

I have put my family on a waste diet for the past 12 months, analyzing whatever comes in contact with the bottom of our one home trash can and slowly trying to get it as close to zero waste as possible. In this past year, I have learned to shop, refuse (what is given to me), reduce, reuse, and recycle as little possible (for only such a small percentage of our trash is actually recycled) along with up and downs (boosts of self trash control esteem and let downs). You’ll see what I am talking about. This is day one of my zero waste diary.

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