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One way to forgo packaging when buying eggs is to purchase them from a farmer’s market egg stand and reusing cartons or an egg carrier week after week (if you know where to buy a stainless egg carrier, please let me know). Unfortunately, that’s one option that is not always viable. Farmer’s markets are sometimes not available, or are hard to reach, or simply do not host an egg stand (ours seems to come and go).

Another way to reduce the egg carton is to raise your own hens.

Scott and I contemplated that idea at one point. The family was excited at the thought of adopting new pets: I discussed care and maintenance with urban farming friends, asked questions about breeds, found a bulk feed supplier, and fantasized about naming the chicks. I even located my dream modern coop, used on Craigslist. Fortunately we checked our city ordinance before plunging into the expense; unfortunately we found out that our lot was too narrow (too close to our neighbors) for the project. I guess we can’t have it all – downtown living and our own chickens. However, I recently found that we can have your package-free eggs, if you’ll share them with us!

Eggzy.net matches flock owners and egg buyers.

Do you raise chickens? Do you have extra to share?

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