50 ways to wear a men’s shirt: I did it!

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Hi everyone!
Since my last post, I have
dedicated my time fully to the book, but I am happy to say that I completed my
manuscript and I am back to blogging! Thanks so much for your patience for the
past four months (I can’t believe it has been that long!)
The shirt experiment sure was
a fascinating and wonderfully creative project. Many of you were skeptical about the idea; I was skeptical whether I could come up with 50 different looks, but I did it and I had so much fun doing it! For those of you who do not use Twitter, here is a recollection of all the looks that I wore. And below are my answers to the questions you asked!


















































Why did you feel the need
for boots and platforms?
As explained on my
previous post, I went from cold and rainy weather to very hot and dry weather.
I also needed different shoes to dress the shirt up and down so it could take
me from a fancy restaurant (thanks mom) to a hot sandy beach. I did not regret
taking my selection of shoes. I put them to use equally.
Was there any cutting or
sewing involved?
No sewing or cutting involved, if it isn’t for removing the
shirt’s labels (to be able to wear it inside out) and two button holes that I
added to the bottom front of the shirt for maximum versatility.
Did you wash your leggings
in between laundry days?
My leggings and/or shirt would go into the laundry at
the end of the week and/or when my mom had a full machine to run.
Do you not ever sweat or
get dirty?
I am human, I do sweat. However, I am careful about not getting
dirty. I am one of those people that will paint a room, wearing my regular clothes
and not get them stained.
How did you retain the
brightness on the color of the shirt?
I wash the shirt as with most my laundry
in cold water.
Did you get tired of wearing
Since I changed looks every day, I got bored with neither the color of the
shirt nor the shirt itself. I do however regret not packing my pair of shorts for
the hot days that I wore the shirt as a top.
What about packing
exercise clothes for working out? 
I am an active individual. I do not go to a
gym to “workout”. I hike, ride my bike everywhere and wrestle with the kids: These
activities do not require special clothing.
Did you find some styles
to be too fussy?
I personally enjoy dressing up on a daily basis and mixing
dressy clothes with casual ones (I like that contrast). That said, some of the styles
were more comfortable to wear than others.
Will you be including
instructions for all this folding and twisting of a shirt in your book?
my upcoming book will not include instructions on how to wear the shirt 50
different ways, it is already filled with a multitude of how-to’s! But I am already considering this subject for a subsequent book!
Will you be sending your
shirt to the Smithsonian?
😉 I am not ready to surrender the shirt, it is the most versatile piece of clothing in my closet and I wear it on a regular basis!
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