The Beauty of Zero Waste: Liquid Body Care Products

By February 6, 2013 No Comments
The Zero Waste lifestyle has brought tremendous beauty into my life. So much of it that I could not envision going back to filling my home with packaging, or shopping the packaged aisles!

In this series, I will highlight the beauty of Zero Waste through photographs. Each time, I will provide a side-by-side comparison of a common method with its Zero Waste counterpart.

First, we’ll look at bulk shopping. I find refilling my containers and buying loose to be aesthetically superior to shopping the packaged aisles, for four reasons:

  • Bulk is tactile: Refilling your own bag with such loose items as bread buns, soap bars, or produce offers an opportunity to handle and feel your purchase before buying (versus packaging, which masks the product and creates an artificial barrier between the buyer and his purchase).
  • Bulk is straightforward: It shows the item as-is, naked; what you see is what you get (vs. packaging, which hides your purchase).
  • Bulk encourages social interaction: Filling a bread bag at the bakery or a jar at the meat counter requires you to interact with a staff member (vs. shopping the middle, processed aisles of the store, which blocks human contact).
  • Bulk saves money: You buy exactly the amount of product that you need and no money is wasted buying a disposable packaging (vs. the price of a packaged product, which includes packaging costs). 
Today, we’re looking at two ways to purchase liquid body care products:
(EO store in Mill Valley)

 In your opinion, which one is sexier?

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