Mini-Wardrobe Fave: The White Blouse

By February 8, 2013 No Comments
Today is Fashion Friday with a Mini-Wardrobe Fave post. 
A white blouse is a known must-have for any capsule wardrobe, but I always considered it to be too preppy for my personal style. This season I however decided to welcome it into my closet and give it a try. Here are 13 of the ways that I can wear it:
Under my black cashmere sweater


with my leather mini


topped with my white blazer


underneath my LBD


with my grey shorts and heels for a party


with my black trousers


under my leather jacket


tied over my brown dress


underneath my overcoat, paired with an animal print scarf


with a belt -and Max’s red knit cap;)


wrapped, as learnt in this summer’s experiment


under my striped long sleeve -you knew I was going to bring it up;)


Underneath my black tank top -and with Leo’s knit hat;)

$5 at the local thrift store and many outfits later, I no longer think that a button-down shirt is too preppy for me. I find that it perfectly complements my minimalist wardrobe after all. Do you own one?

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