Zero Waste Home Book is out!

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My book, Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Wasteis out and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about its release!

This book is a personal achievement; a dream that I would have never thought possible – when I came to America at the age of 18, my English skills were so poor that I couldn’t even order a hamburger at a restaurant! But the reason behind this book – spreading the word about Zero Waste is what will bring me the most lasting contentment. I am honored to be messenger of the Zero Waste lifestyle.  It has done wonders for our family, providing us financial stability, health improvements and efficiency, and resulting in a richer, healthier and happier life. And I can only imagine what it would do for a society if all its people embraced it as a whole – yes, I dream big;). How grateful our planet, our health, our budget, and our children would be!

Imagine if we all de-cluttered our homes, and donated and shared those items that sit unused in our closets: Strains on our natural resources would be relieved and the secondhand market boosted (Imagine the great selection at your local thrift store!); Cleaning our homes would be a breeze and we’d have more time to spend with our loved ones.

Imagine if we all took steps to fight junk mail instead of just throwing it into the recycling bin: Marketers would choose other means of advertisement; Forests would grow, our tax dollars could be spent on education, and our time used doing something important.Imagine if we all realized that shopping is voting and thought hard before buying: Products that are harmful to our health and the environment would disappear. And if we all avoided buying plastics, our oil dependence would subside (gas prices would drop) and so would the wars and conflicts to obtain it. We would not have to research its adverse effects on our health or dwell on the “plastic soup” that floats in our oceans, but focus our energy on fixing the problems that we have created.Imagine if we all stopped sending our hard-earned money to landfills (which is ultimately what we do when we discard of disposables), if we all embraced the reusable alternatives proposed in my book and eliminated disposable trash liners, paper towels, paper napkins, flatware, plates, foil, wax paper, food wrap, food storage bags, toothpicks, razors, feminine products, band aids, tissue paper, gift wrap, sponges, wipes, staples, markers, etc. (to name a few). We could spend our dollar on experiences instead. We could focus on living rather than discarding.

Just imagine if we all aimed at Being rather than Having!

Maybe I am a dreamer, I dream of a peaceful and a brighter future for my children. Or maybe I am a believer. I believe in the power of community and I believe in the power of individual action. Or maybe I am a clairvoyant. I can see the key to a better world in your hand, I can see the Zero Waste community waiting for you to join, I can see YOU transforming your life.

And it starts here, today!

Note: If you’re local… I have donated my copy to the Mill Valley Library for your enjoyment;)

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