The Beauty of Zero Waste: The French Market

By September 9, 2013 No Comments

People often ask me what the differences are between France and the US in terms of Zero Waste.

Both countries have pros and cons, but I am of an optimistic nature, so I’ll focus on the pros: Great bulk can be found in the US, at the grocery store (including liquids such as castile soap, conditioner, and cooking oil); in France, at the Farmer’s market.

This summer, I had the opportunity to make a quick stop in the town of Mirepoix and visit its farmer’s market: The ambiance, the colors, the smells… mmm … were amazing and the selection dreamy. I could not resist sharing this experience with you!

Pour le plaisir des yeux…





Including marinated anchovies (my fave)




Plastic-free cheese




Dried Fruit




Vanilla beans








Alum stones




Even Khol powder!
And only a block away, a small shop selling bulk wine



Disclaimer: This series is not about making you feel bad if bulk is lacking in your town. This series simply aims to share the great alternatives that I encounter throughout my personal journey, shatter preconceptions that Zero Waste is messy and unattractive, provide visual evidence that Zero Waste is beautiful, and prove that Zero Waste is possible! Overtime, I hope to compile a fantasy photo album of a Zero Waste economy, and to inspire manufacturers and retailers to adopt waste-free alternatives… they’re so much prettier!

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