Call it what you want: A New Years’ Resolution?

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I am not a fan of New Years’ resolutions. I know myself well enough to realize that I’ve never really followed through with them in the past. I find them intimidating, imposing and weighing. Plus, if I truly want to do something, I don’t need to wait to turn a new year. I just do it then and there!

So, for years, I resisted the temptation to take one on and announce to my entourage that I planned on doing this or that for the rest of the year, because I knew (and they too) that there was a good chance, that I wouldn’t stick to it, that I would break my word… And end up looking like a flake, as most of those that take them on, do.

I entered 2015 with no resolution at all. But I did have one aspiration: To volunteer more.

I jumped on With a packed, but flexible, work schedule, I looked for anything within the realm of waste – if I found something super cool, I’d find a way to fit it in. But very little choice (only 6 options) came up in my area. I could help serve a hot meal in San Francisco, but the idea of commuting by bus into the city stressed me out. I could pick up extra food and deliver it to local organizations, but I don’t enjoy spending time in the car. I could become an “environmental leader” for a local chapter of The Sierra Club, but I didn’t want to get on their mailing list again: It took me years of calls and letters to get my name off of it in the past.

Nothing seemed to jump out at me as something exiting that would make me leap out of bed or be worth shuffling my schedule around. What I was really hoping to find was some hands-on (“dirty”) work, outside, where I yearned to be; One that does not include a lengthy presentation about waste – I have been frustrated with past engagements when the organizers give a speech while I impatiently wait to get to work… What I was really hoping to find is a litter pick up.

And so I did last week, on my own.

I packed a lunch, two reusable sand bags, a pair of gloves, and the dog’s leash, and headed for one of my favorite beaches in Marin County. Being a Monday, Zizou and I were on our own, well almost…

An Elephant Seal came to encourage us


The pieces (mostly plastics) that I picked up that day were so small that it took me two hours to fill up the two bags that I had brought.
This fine point marker was in excellent, usable condition: I gave it to a cashier this week
Once home, I separated the found bits, threw some in our old trash can, others in the recycling bin. My neighbors probably thought my family had a setback, when they saw our trashcan out on the curb for the first time in five years;)Sure, I pick up litter around town and have participated in organized cleanup events before. But this one was different. Getting some much needed solo time, breathing the fresh air, taking in some vitamin D, getting a workout (the hike back to my car, carrying the litter was 1.5 miles and included a steep ravine), walking the dog, getting the honors of the visit of a fury friend, doing good for the environment, and finding a present for my son’s upcoming birthday (LOL)…
…all at once, on my own terms: now that’s a rewarding experience. My kinda volunteering activity.

I can’t wait to go again, and I made room in my schedule to go once a month. Would that be considered a New Year’s resolution, just because I started in January and plan on continuing? Call it what you want; I call it Bliss, an activity that connects what I think, what I say and what I do.

Zizou, very much enjoying the endeavor and hoping for a next time

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” – Gandhi

Did you take on a New Year’s Resolution that makes you happy?

From litter to gift (don’t tell Max, it’s a surprise!)


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