Wardrobe Update

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Photo credit: Michael Clemens , Sees The Day

Well, you’ve asked for it, so here it is, and in full! A close look at the contents of my fall/winter 2015, minimalist wardrobe (it even includes intimates!).


I was recently asked if, having graduated from Fashion school, I am not tempted to buy new, add pieces to my wardrobe or shop more often than twice a year…
My answer was: Once you discover the advantages of a small wardrobe, you’ll find that they are too great to give up!
Buy new? What a waste of money that would be!

I did buy one piece of clothing new in the past two and a half years, but the rest of my wardrobe is secondhand and the prices of the pieces that I purchased are so good, I could not go back to retail! The leather combat boots cost $2.50, the leather high heeled booties $10, the strappy heels $10, the nude pumps $8.50, the navy blazer $2.50, the leather skirt $5, the sunglasses $2, etc.

My pumps still have their price marked on them 😉
Add pieces to my wardrobe? No way! I’d lose mobility.

We not only save a lot of money buying less, it’s also owning less (the fact that our wardrobes fit in carry-ons) that allows us to easily rent our house while we’re gone. And both of these have made some truly awesome experiences possible (see below). I would not want to give them up for a bigger closet. They are core to our happiness and well being.

My 19″ Carry-On


Buy more often? What a waste of time that would be!
Life is short. Rather than shopping, I much prefer planning an adventure or living one, like kayaking overnight in the Everglades, as we did during the Holiday Season/Shopping Madness. We saw manatees, alligators, and Leo even found himself face to face with a Python. Facing the fear of his life, he never felt more alive!

Kayaking with my family: so much more memorable than clothes shopping! -and Max: being a teenager and hiding his joy;)

Buy less, waste less, live more…

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