What’s in store for 2016?

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2015 undoubtedly confirmed waste-free living as a global movement.
Blogs, social media profiles, package-free stores, and more, popped up all over the place!
Seven hundred people showing up to a single event during my tour is, to me, an affirmation that we’re on track to see the movement grow even further this coming year.

OK, my tour was not all rosy… I kicked it off with a six-hour flight delay, and the train tracks of one of my rail trips were sabotaged (yes, you read that right). My crazy schedule had me showering in airports, applying makeup in random bathrooms, changing in trains, running from one event to the next, and (despite the lack of sleep) trying to look my best at all times for the TV crews that waited for me at almost every stop. I was filmed eating, speaking, meeting fans, signing books, checking into my hotel… Oh! and getting off the train, annual jar of waste in hand (cheesy, I concede, but not my idea).

That said, the best parts of my tour way outweighed the negatives. I was able to touch a huge audience, and meeting those whom I have inspired to launch amazing projects was humbling: Mary (below), who opened Germany’s first package-free store, in Kiel; The women who launched Zero Waste Switzerland; The translator of the Japanese version of my book; The team of Sailing for Change (pictured above), a zero waste sail trip around the world scheduled to depart this fall – they asked me to be their project’s mentor (I mean look at these guys: How could I refuse them!)

With Mary, owner of Unverpackt Kiel

(I also got do a book signing at the Versailles location of Day by Day, a chain of bulk stores that is sprouting all over France, and wrote an article about it here.)

So what’s in store for 2016?

The translation of Zero Waste Home into Japanese, Spanish and German (!), a new and improved website, my second TEDx, another speaking tour in Europe at the beginning of June, etc. but more importantly, the launch of my crowdfunding campaign to save Bulk, this Friday! (more about that, including the link on Friday).

2015 confirmed waste-free living as a movement… I am confident that in 2016, projects will multiply, and hope (cross fingers!) that the zero waste community will save its most useful tool, the Bulk app!

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