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Here we are! D-Day for the launch of our crowdfunding campaign to save the BULK app!

What’s wrong with the app?
Well, as those of you who downloaded the Android version already know, it simply no longer works on that platform. Furthermore, we also can no longer fund its updates out of our own pocket and we’d like to add more features to it.

Today, more than 10,000
users have entered over 3000 locations, in more than 30 countries: over 1500
location in the US, 400 in France, 300 in Canada, 145 Australia.

Thanks to those who’ve shared and rated locations, BULK has globally become the zero waste community’s most useful tool, making package free locations easy to find and waste free living possible even when we travel. But now the app’s life is in peril and it needs your help!

As you may recall, I created
the app using the grant that I received from winning the Green Awards. What I
did not foresee by launching it, is that we would have to keep up
with the constant changes to Google and Apple’s operating systems, and keep funding costly updates.

My family has invested $5000 out of
pocket on the app to make it international (the first release was targeted at
just the US & Canada), cover the various annual hosting & licensing
fees, and save the Apple version, before technology advancement make it completely
unusable. My hubby has reached a point where he can’t
bare to write those checks anymore ;(

So the time has come for the community to save its app.

With the money raised, we’ll be able to save the
Android version, but also improve the mapping system, and add
features such as comments and pictures, and even make a website so that if
you’re planning a trip, you can prepare an itinerary based on bulk locations.

If BULK lives, thousands more will be able to eliminate
packaging from their daily lives. But your contribution would mean even more,
because buying is voting. Every penny
that we as consumers spend has the power to support a practice that is sustainable
or one that is destructive. When we buy packaging, it’s a way for us to say
that we love packaging and dream of a world filled with packaging for the future.
But when we’re able to buy in bulk, our money is directly invested in a sustainable
waste-free future (the more we buy in bulk, the more bulk will
be available). By supporting this app, you not only take part in stopping countless amounts of resources from going to the landfill, but more importantly you help build a waste-free world for future

I leave Bulk’s fate in your hands: Will you save it?


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