One dress, 22 ways

By August 18, 2016 No Comments

On my last speaking tour, I played with my black dress and wore it a different way at 22 different events. So as promised to my events’ audiences, here is an album of the different outfits that I was able to make…

Like the rest of my wardrobe, I bought this dress secondhand, but if you were in the market for one, they’re called multiway or infinity dresses. For illustrative purposes, I posted this one in the blog’s store

In an upcoming post, I’ll share a gallery of the 50 different outfits that my 15-piece wardrobe allows me put together. It does not include these 22 combinations of the black dress! – so make sure to visit again to check them out, or subscribe to the blog (button in the navigation bar) to receive email updates.

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