Unpackaged, Four Ways

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 As I spread the zero waste lifestyle with speaking engagements throughout the world, I keep hearing:

“Well,  it’s easy for you, you live in the US, but we don’t have bulk here”. 

Sure, there are always plenty of excuses – People worldwide comment that my family can do zero waste because we live in the US, Americans say that we can do zero waste because we live in California, Californians say that we can do zero waste because we live near San Francisco, San Franciscans say that we can do zero waste because… I am French. A single woman said to me that we can do zero waste because we are a family of four, and that doing it alone would not be possible. Someone else said that I can buy second-hand clothing because I am zero waist ;-D

Pretexts put aside, I am not even sure where people got the idea that bulk is more developed where my family lives than where they live; but, before even checking if the country in question does or does not indeed sell bulk, I can now reply to the question above with confidence: “Oh, yes you do!” Because I have learned through my travels that bulk is in fact everywhere.

Unpackaged food does not always present itself in a health food store, as my YouTube Channel illustrates with videos of me grocery shopping in my area. There are lots of different ways to purchase your food sans packaging, but here are four types of businesses that I found to sell bulk in Europe. 



The Green Market, a permanent covered market in Skopje, Macedonia.


L’Hort D’Osona, a convenience store in Barcelona, Spain.


The farmer’s market in Vevey, Switzerland.


Ouni, a brand new bulk shop in Luxembourg.

Absolutely beautiful too, right?

As I mentioned before: Once you adopt a zero waste lifestyle and acquire a selective vision for package-free items, you see them everywhere – but it’s only visible to you once you remove the blinders.

I entered these bulk locations in the bulk finder. But please add the locations that you discover around the world!

For more pictures of the bulk that I discover during my travels, check out my Instagram feed @zerowastehome, #bulkiseverywhere.

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