Dates and Cities for Upcoming US Tour!

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Soon back on the road for a speaking tour through the US!

All my speaking tours feel important to me, but this one in particular. Nations around the world look up to the US and its prosperity. So, I think it’s time the American people showed a different example than the over-consumption that it’s known for.  

Any human being deserves a certain level of comfort: A roof over their head, a few pieces of clothing and furniture. But once that level is reached then anything beyond it becomes excess. Excess that is detrimental to our well being and the future of our planet. 

I hope to leave my US audience pondering the advantages of getting away from unnecessary consumption. I would like to inspire a ripple effect that provides other nations with the example that happiness is not measured in the amount of things one owns, but rather the experiences and the quality of the relationships one collects.

Here are the dates and cities of my public events:



PHX 2 ZERO Lecture Series: Bea Johnson

Phoenix, AZ



Zero Waste Living with Bea Johnson

Haines, AK



Zero Waste Home with Bea Johnson

Seattle, WA



Living Without Waste: Bea Johnson’s Tips for a Zero-Waste Home

Chicago, IL



A Discussion with Bea Johnson on Zero Waste Living



Don’t wait to get your tickets!

I look forward to meeting some of you along the way… And if you can’t make it, I’ll be sharing my journey through insta stories again!

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