Meal Planning

Much of regular household trash is made up of convenience (fast food) packaging, making Zero Waste an unthinkable goal for many. But slow food is…
February 2, 2011

What about Halloween?

I received a few emails and comments asking how we plan to celebrate Halloween. Frankly, I really have a hard time with Halloween. I like…
October 31, 2010

Tomato Canning

Last week, as planned, I made a list of things-to-do away from the computer, and one of the items, which I procrastinated on for the…
September 19, 2010

Zero Waste Recipes

These are recipes of items that I have not been able to find in bulk or as a refill, items that our household “can’t live…
March 6, 2010

Zero Waste Home Office

My husband and I share an office. A big adjustment from our old house, where I had turned the granny quarters (a fully equipped kitchen)…
February 28, 2010