“Comments continue to come in on how Bea inspired people to really think about what they do and how it impacts our planet…and how they can change their own habits. She is amazing!”

Gwyn Weisberg, Adobe SystemsEvent organizer

“...incredible evening with Bea speaking to us as if we are in her living room with her husband and boys, with witty French humour and earth solid humility ~ This is a must see!”

Tony LorraineEvent attendee

“… huge success. We had the most [attendees] that we have had at any talk in our Speaker Series and the audience feedback has been extremely positive.”

Nupur Hiremath, Silicon ValleyEvent Organizer

“… big hit for the attendees - everyone loved her talk and was inspired to make changes to their lifestyle, including me.”

Wendy Yu, Babson UniversityEvent organizer

“… highly informative and thorough… high turnout of community members... a clear indication of the relevance of the presentation.”

Kent SteffensEvent organizer

“…very professional, enlightening and articulate presentation. [Bea’s] passion is inspiring.”

Meta Mertens, Environmental Business professor at CSUEBEvent organizer

@neil bennett

Bea is invited to speak about her lifestyle all over the world, and she does so with great joy. It’s been a very effective way for her to not only inspire people worldwide to adopt waste-free living, open bulk shops, conceive reusable products, launch organizations… but also get some of the world’s largest corporations to offer alternatives to disposables.

10 reasons to book Bea as your next inspirational speaker:

1. Zero Waste Leader

Bea’s journey inspired the zero-waste lifestyle movement. Since 2008, she has reached millions of people with her blog, book, media appearances and talks. She is the undisputed authority and leading speaker on the subject.


2. World Class Expertise

With a bestseller translated in 28 languages, talks in 70 countries on 6 continents, and two dozen international speaking tours under her belt, Bea is a world class expert with extensive international experience.


3. Authenticity

Bea walks the walk. With her family of four, she has been waste-free for well over a decade. No other speaker has experienced that level of waste reduction in our modern era. She built the roadmap for going waste-free at home.  Thus, she can speak of the emergence of a movement based on personal experience, providing concrete examples of what worked and what did not. Her testimony is unparalleled and authentic, true and tested, genuine and uncensored.


4. Entertaining and uplifting

Talks about the environment can be depressing and judgmental, sending discouraged audiences home with inaction paralysis.  Bea’s talks achieve the opposite: They are optimistic, filled with humor, and they shatter misconceptions associated with waste-free living. Audiences leave uplifted, inspired, and ready to take action.


5. Trilingual

Bea can present in English, French or Spanish, and she’ll deliver with the same energy no matter the language you choose for your event.


6. Approachable

Bea is very flexible and easy to work with. She is ready to adapt to your needs, work with your media outlets to promote your event, and make herself available to engage with your audience.


7. Organized

Just like her home and lifestyle, Bea’s presentation is visual, clear and organized. She provides a simple guideline with actionable tips that your audience can take home and apply immediately.


8. Affordable and Available

Bea charges a fraction of what other speakers of her stature bill. She is highly motivated to spread the word about this lifestyle as far and wide as possible, to work with you so your needs are met, and to fit into your schedule.


9. Responsive

Bea is very quick at responding to communication. You can expect same day responses when she is in the office!


10. Unique point of view

Bea is a French native, who has lived in the US her adult life and traveled in over 80 countries. From growing up in a humble household in the South of France, to building a family in the world’s most consumerist country, from picking up litter and visiting recycling centers, to meeting elected officials and sticking to her zero waste lifestyle in all corners of the world, Bea’s rich background lends a unique view on waste, that “je ne sais quoi” that keeps audiences and clients coming back for more.


So go ahead with confidence… Join the United Nations, the European Parliament, Amazon, Google, Starbucks and hundreds of other individuals, businesses, organizations, and schools, in bringing the most authentic voice there is on the subject: the woman who initiated the movement! Book her NOW!

For more information, check out her

Speaker’s One Sheet

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