Alum Stone Deodorant

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Bulk packaged; delivered without any packaging or labelling (alum stones are both fragile and heavy so a small heavily-taped and 100%-filled box is used for transport). Osma alum is the world’s best potassium alum for post-shaving alum block astringent or deodorant use, made by hand in Craponne, France. Osma’s alum stones wear away evenly, without breaking down in any granular fashion, and they contain more water by percentage of weight than any other alum stone on the market, which makes their application both upon the face and under the arms more comfortable. This stone is approximately 250 grams of net weight and is formed into a cylindrical shape approximately 2.41 x 2.23 inches, and can be used for either post-shaving or for deodorant use alike; you can use this size stone daily for over one year. These do not come with instructions, but the use is rather straightforward, for deodorant you apply some light amount of water to the top of the cylinder and rub on the area to be protected until the water is absorbed by the salt, while for shaving you will leave your face wet after the shave and simply gently move the stone down and around the shaved area, let sit for 30 seconds or so, and splash off with some cold water.
Extra Large Cylindrical Alum Stone (~2.41 x 2.23″, ~230 Grams Net)
Useful as Deodorant or Post-Shaving Astringent
Bulk Packaged; Delivered Without ANY Packaging or Labelling
Superior Water Retention in Stone (Versus Less Expensive Alum Stones)
Made by Hand in France
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