Wooden Easter Eggs Set of 7

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Matryoshka is the most famous Russian souvenir, it is considered to be a phenomenon in the world culture, a puzzle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, soul of Russia.
The art of the Russian matryoshka is the most comprehensive account of the history, production, varieties, and creators of these charming nesting dolls.
In their short-100 year history, these nesting dolls have become more than a popular souvenir or a folk craft; they are a medium for the talented Russian artists – and a symbol of Russian folk culture.

Size: The height of the largest one is 19cm/7.5inch.
Fit for kids 12 months and up.

Package Include:
1*7pcs nesting dolls.

Put them in dry condition.
Patterns, colors and shapes may vary slightly due to the fact that nesting dolls are handmade.
Use your imagination to patint the blank nesting dolls
Kid’s will love to paint on it because this will be their unique toy
You can use it to bond with your childern,enjoy parent-child time
Also fit for adult to paint to relieve tension and anxiety from work and be relaxed
After you finish painting it,it will be your special Easter egg

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